A visitor registration system is used to continue the hospital’s efforts in ensuring safety and enhancing patient experience. The easy-to-use registration system allows visitors to register at the hospital, or online before arriving at the hospital.
You will need the following information and documents when registering:
-Visitors are to bring their identification cards for registration.
-Patient’s first name, last name, ward number and bed number
Please note that patient information is required to ensure that visitors are registered to the right patient and that the information provided matches the patient’s records in the hospital’s database.
-Visiting hours for general wards are between 12pm to 8pm daily.
-Each patient has a quota of 4 visitors at any one time during the visiting hours.
You should contact the patient or patient’s next-of-kin to obtain the required information. Alternatively, you may approach our Service Ambassadors located at our registration counters for assistance.
In the event if a patient has reached the maximum visitor quota, the visitor will be placed on waitlist upon scanning his/her identification card at our gantries.  An SMS notification will be sent when a visiting slot becomes available.
Visitors will receive waitlist notification alerts on their mobile phones when a visiting slot is available. It will also be used for contact tracing if the need arises.
Visitors may contact our Customer Service Centre for assistance at 62307930.